Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Savory Salsbury Steak Anyone?

Sometimes, there is nothing finer than a nice home cooked meal. If you eat out often, you can really see the difference as the thick butter and gobs of cream are omitted for a super tasty and much trimmer solution to those hunger pang blues. Does this meal look like one you'd anxiously turn down? Sometimes some nice savory salsbury steak with low fat gravy and other comfort food staples are just what you need!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Weight Watchers Pizza Casserole

I'm sure the last thing that comes to mind when dreaming up a healthy meal for the family is pizza. There are certain little culinary secrets that can achieve incredible taste with a lot less of the bad stuff. This weight watchers pizza casserole is simply amazing. Just imagine having a rough day at the office and coming home to a nice plate of pizza casserole made with light biscuits with a side of sauteed spinach and mushrooms. Boy do I hope this one is on the table tonight!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sometimes it happens. You come home from work and the weather is perfect. That sweet twighlight calls to you to come outside. The scent in the air is ripe with smoky sweetness. It's time to barbeque. Feeling those bright flames licking off your dinner the smell is overpoweringly good. This was what we made the other day, along with hamburgers and nothing could have been finer. The key is to know your grill and its hotspots. Make sure you rotate things accordingly. When you find a great meat market it all comes together. Mckinnons meat market is my favorite.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Artistic Dinner

My girlfriend Katy is the best cook ever. Not only do her dishes taste incredible, but usually are very artistic and almost picture perfect. Then I come along and eat them contributing nothing while destroying something beautiful. Now I'm preserving that wonderful art and giving it a fair sendoff starting with this casserole dish full of four cheese chicken nachos we had. It was Crock pot barbeque chicken which was then added to chips, sprinkled with nacho cheese, and mixed with green onions, sour cream and hot sauce. Then it was baked and served just like this.