Friday, February 4, 2011

Taste This!!!

I'm not going to pretend that I know how to cook or that I know everything there is to know about food. Much like super eater Adam Richmond, I am just a regular guy who loves to eat. I exercise more moderation than him, but the guy is great and if you ever get a chance to check him out I do recommend. Tonight, I partook in one of my favorite inexpensive dinner selections to get on the fly. Pho is a Vietnamese staple and also the best soup I've ever had. The dac biet gives you a bit of everything in the most incredible combination. When you receive the large bowl of steaming broth, you know its going to be good because it's been cooking for five hours. The yellow noodles are far better than the blander white in my opinion and requesting extra lime wedges ensures that you can sweeten the whole deal perfectly. Then it's essential to add some of the crisp soybeans and tear up the basil leaves to add those wonderful vegetable flavors. As if this wasn't enough to work the taste buds to their highest possible function, you are able to adjust the level of sweetness and roasting spicy heat with respective hoisin and blistering red sirachi sauce. These last two ingredients should be experimented with in small increments to carefully tune the tastes to what you desire. Once too much spice is in there your living with fire of liquified chilis. Now I've been hiding something about this dish. It can come with seafood, chicken, or beef. My favorite however is eye round (beef), with tendon and tripe.

Ok, I hear the gasps and I understand. Normal americans don't eat things like that. If you can afford top quality meats why bother. Two reasons, first of all its different, second of all its good. Thats all the reason I need. The texture is amazing and the collegen is good for your physical health. You don't need to order it this way, it's just for the adventurous who crave the authenticity and are curious why it's so popular in other countries. So that's my sales pitch on Pho. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain says it would be his last meal on earth if it was up to him. Not to mention that Vietnamese restaurants have extremely refreshing and exotic fruit smoothy like beverages.

So there you have it, I don't like food blogs or food research, I can't cook, and my camping meals involve meat stuck in an open flame. But I have a special appreciation for a great meal. Now don't read my blog!! Go shoo!