Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stuffed Mushroom Caps

By the time we get home from work, picking up the phone and magically teleporting food to the door is a very attractive option. This solution to a hectic lifestyle isn't helpful for the budget or for the waistline as we have all found out from time to time. Stuffed mushroom caps are an easy and delicious solution to the fifteen minute meal. A little time in the skillet and the roasting pan can make something absolutely divine. This particular photo uses store bought artichoke dip as the filler but there are many alternatives for this versatile idea. Giada de Laurentiis, who everyone's father pretends to watch for cooking tips, has a slightly healthier version that uses garlic, breadcrumbs, mint, and a few other delectable ingredients. There is an endless supply of ideas available in online recipes that can be used in the fight against those daily takeout cravings. Just say no to delivery and its crunchy fried allure!! Don't put up with it's luke warm sass and beggars desire for your hard earned tip money. Handing anyone a load of single dollar bills that is still wearing their clothes is such a waste! (Just kidding!)
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  1. Stuffed mushroom caps are delicious and these look amazing. Great post!