Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cedar Plank Salmon

Just when I think I'm starting to see all the food world has to offer, I learn that I've only scratched the surface of its vast and wonderful possibilities. Until last week, I didn't know it was possible to cook salmon on a cedar plank but I recommend doing so highly! Because the wood is soaked in water before being placed on the grill, it steams the fish and gives it a wonderful smoky flavor that is sure to be a winner every time. The first thing you'll notice is the distinctly familiar scent of warm cedar as the plank sizzles on the grill. Although you can use hickory, maple or cherry wood, there is nothing I'd rather pair salmon with. The flavor is just amazing! Thanks to my sister's husband Scott, this fish came out excellent. As with any great meal, a pairing of the right side dishes brings it all together in a blend of nicely paired flavors and textures. We found roasted potatoes with broccolli and cauliflower went quite well with the meal. My nephew, with his highly refined palate, decided to have a hamburger and skip this deliciousness. Despite his unfortunate mistake, we love him anyway. There are different ways to enjoy a dish like this and also alternatives to get that great cedar flavor as well. For example, found a recipe that uses cedar woodchips and pairs the salmon with Jasmine rice, braised collard greens. Summer is finally here and that means your grill will become an essential weapon in the fight against hunger and boring cuisine. Fill up that propane tank and dream people. Dream of cedar plank salmon!!!

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