Friday, April 15, 2011

Juicy Watermelon

This obviously isn't a meal. One look at this on a sweltering day however, and you'd seriously consider attempting to make it one. There are few foods that are more satisfying than a juicy watermelon when the mercury has risen over 90 and you've just about had it. Other than a cold icy beverage or a dunk in the pool nothing can quite compare. There aren't too many ways of eating this delightful treat that I'm aware of but I've never met one I didn't like. Some prefer to eat it in slices where you simply shoot the seeds out machine gun style as you work your way through. This has always been my personal favorite because it's how I used to take it down when I was a kid. Katy prefers using a mellon baller as pictured here. The most common use of this versatile fruit among the college crowd is of course to spike it with vodka. As some girls I knew found out the hard way, this does not fool law enforcement officials because they know what spiked fruit smells like! They tend to get upset if your underage and indulging in this delicacy because they are on duty and can't partake on a hot day. They are in a very warm uniform and even if they have a little taste they'll probably get sticky juice on their fingers and ultimately down the front. So they yell and scream at you then throw your spiked watermelon in the parking lot of the Ozzy concert. Ah memories. But seriously, it's difficult not to look to the summer flavors because here in New England we crave summer. After a six month winter of freezing gusts turning our blood to ice the mere thought of a hot day with a juicy piece of watermelon makes us drool. So put this on your to do list ladies and gents!! This fine food will be remembered by your kids as a summer staple for years to come!

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