Monday, April 4, 2011

Surf Clam with Chourico

Summer is coming and we all know what that means, excellent outdoor eating on warm wonderful days. I was at the Cape last year and have been saving this picture for something special. This is a surf clam with chourico and breadcrumbs mixed in. There is butter on the side to enhance the qualities of this amazing mix even further. To have this divine concoction is to experience the essence of summer at its fullest potential. This meal can only be eaten on a warm day in the sun with a nice cold beverage. Overlooking the ocean on a restaurant occupied dock doesn't hurt to increase the sensation that this meal is truly the pinnacle of the summer. There is something wonderful about having seafood in the high mercury temperatures, it's not incredibly heavy but light and tasty. For those not fortunate to have heard about Chourico before it is simply excellent sausage used in Portuguese cooking which can be quite spicy.

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